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Thread: Advice Please

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    Advice Please

    My son has recently started work 6 months ago in a financial advisors. He accidentally handed a pension document to the wrong person and despite picking it up quickly, the recipient has made a complaint

    Big issues?

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    It rings true - this seems to be a major breach of confidentiality.

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    Thank you Linton

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    Breach yes, but major? Depends what was in the document.

    How big an issue it is depends almost entirely on how big an issue his employer wants to make of it. Anything within the spectrum of immediate dismissal to formal warning to slap on the wrist to "don't worry, we all make mistakes" is possible.

    Who made the complaint - the person whose data was handed to the wrong person, or the person who received someone else's data?

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    Seems to be the recipient rather than the actual data owner, so seems quite harsh given that individual's data wasn't affected, though maybe they consider that they are consequently at increased risk.


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