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Thread: Stamp duty

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    Stamp duty


    I have read under the new budget that the stamp duty is abolished up to 300k for first time buyer

    My question is i have a property to sell and my gf is a first time buyer. Therefore i am not but she is

    I cant find anything on google to say wether because she is a first time buyer that we can avoid stamp duty costs

    Does anyone know or has anyone any experience or loopholes etc

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    Both parties to the new property ownership need to be first time buyers.

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    Damn thought as much, thanks for the fast reply.

    Is there any loopholes or anything to get out of it, can the stamp duty be added onto tje mortgage

    We are looking at a new build from harron homes, havent sat down to do any deals yet but trying figure everything out first so sound like i know what am on about ha cheers

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    You would need to reduce your deposit, you can't add SDLT to the mortgage, as such.

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    Cant be added, but new build developers like to incentivise prospective purchasers, so see what they will do about the SDLT....


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