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    How Safe and Secure Online Banking is?

    I am really nervous because I am not sure how safe and secure online banking is.
    Whenever I saw in TV reports, regarding hacking or what, I get scared.

    Does anybody dare to share his idea regarding this question?

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    Online banking is safe because since the number of users is very high it's only few that'll be victimized and that happens if you aren't careful to whom you are availing your information.

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    If you keep your security programs (virus, firewall, etc) updated, you should be okay banking online. Just remember to never, ever give your password to anyone in e-mail or over the phone. Also, never click on an e-mail link to visit your account. Type it into your browser yourself.

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    The thing is, your brick and mortar banks keeps your info in the same kind of database the online bank does. Any database can be vulnerable to being hacked, regardless of how you transmit the information to it. I'm not complacent but I do think most financial institutions are getting better at taking precautions. If you think you'd like to do your banking online, get in touch with customer service, explain your concerns, and ask about the bank's security measures.

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    I would agree with Plumley on this. Banks nowadays are always looking for new ways to make sure your information will not be comprimised in anyway. I just always make sure that I never give out my password and I always make sure my firewall is up to date.


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