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Thread: Which mattress?

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    Which mattress?

    We're looking to buy a new mattress but it's proving to be a little confusing.
    To some extent money is not an issue (not wishing to sound blasť but you spend so much time in bed we think it's worth buying a good one ) and we want one with springs but also has a 'built in' topper.
    The choice for the topper seems to be either memory foam, latex or gel. We have a memory foam mattress at the moment but it was one of the first ones brought out and we sometimes find it a bit too warm.
    We'd be really pleased if anyone could give us any advise based on their own experiences.
    Many thanks.

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    This is the cheapest mattress i have ever bought, it's now over 3 years old and still as comfy as the day i bought it, it's padded on both side so you can turn it.

    I would highly recommend it, it's a bamboo fabric which is so very soft and latex padded, not hot like a memory foam but great support. They come rolled and i'll be buying another one when the time comes to get another.

    Hope this will help out. There are other choices on the web site and i assume they are the same quality as the one i bought.

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    It is such a subjective subject.

    Personally I would go for a fully individual pocket sprung mattress, as many springs as budget affords.

    Then there is soft,medium, firm to consider, even that tho' is no easy choice, one person medium is another's rock hard.

    Then what are you paring the mattress up with, base wise, sprung base, solid? This will effect the overall comfort and feel of your new mattress.

    Memory foam was so grossly oversold although there are thousands out there that swear by it, Latex or Gel topper maybe a better option, if required.

    And finally, if budget isn't to much of an issue, spend some time in thought and effort not only about the mattress, take your time, but about your pillows, your perfect mattress and a good nights sleep f*cked by poor pillows.

    There have been a few threads on DS over the years but there was a recent one on pillows, maybe a FM can dig it out for you.

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    bought the Which recommended Emma mattress and its been amazing, so warm!

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    I'm not sure a topper should be built in. It may wear out relatively quickly leading to premature replacement. It also implies a one-sided "no turn" mattress - these in my view are a rip-off as you are effectively getting half a mattress (proper layers one side only) which therefore lasts half as long.

    At the cheaper end here is a Which? best buy which I have bought for tenants and they are very good (worth seeking out and trying)

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    Hypnos every time. They are expensive but you get what you pay for, and none of this 'change every 8' rubbish as mine is now 9 years old and still looks and feels like new with no sagging or dipping anywhere.


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