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    Can anyone help regarding delayed debits from my account?

    I received some beauty treatments and paid using contactless on my Virgin MBNA Amex card. Some debits were taken without a problem so I had not realised that some had not gone through! Whilst abroad on holiday in November I was shocked to find ten debits of 10 on my credit card account dating back to early May (one was over six months after the treatment)
    On my return I contacted the retailer who was not aware of any problems with the payments and had received their money, however, they had used the World Pay streamline system and had ended their contract with World Pay at the same time my account was debited!
    The retailer contacted World Pay asking for a reason for the delay, they put the blame on Amex. I complained to MBNA Amex who say that the transaction was authorised at the point of sale but the retailer/World Pay did not claim the money until November. I have also tried contacting World Pay who will not even discuss any complaints unless from the retailer. The Financial Ombudsman also say they cannot help!
    I agree I owed the money but I want an explanation for the delay and an apology, also what is the timescale for a merchant to claim money from the credit card?

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    Was your account ever out by a pre authorised value?

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    The retailer has 6 years to claim the money from you, although generally after 6 months they need to advise you that it will be taken. It's not worth wasting your time trying to find a reason for a delay when it's unlikely anyone will tell you.

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    That is fair enough, however, this could have caused financial problems and surely it should be something that I should have been preadvised about. I rarely complain but I don't like being passed from pillar to post and I believe I am entitled to an explanation!


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