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    H2B ISA > LISA Transfer and Allowance


    I'm trying to get my ducks in a row ahead of the deadline on 05/04/18 to transfer any H2B ISA savings into a Lifetime ISA.

    What I'm struggling to understand is how much is transferrable under each of the financial year's I've saved, and how much allowance I will have remaining for 18-19, if any.

    I can't attach a file to show this unfortunately, and any spreadsheet paste messes up the layout to make no sense.

    H2B opened March 2016. Maximum 200 put in each month.
    Lifetime ISA opened June 2017. Minimum 1 deposited to get clock ticking.

    H2B March 2016 to March 2016 = 3400
    H2B April 2016 to end March 2017 = 2400
    Expected H2B by end March 2018 = 2400
    Additional Cash Savings (saved in current accounts) predicted by April 2018 = 2,850.

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    Hi, yes I've already seen that thanks but the specific amounts in each FY I'm not clear on based on my timeline and monies

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    This can't be right - you can only pay 200 per month in, plus an extra 1,000 in the first month, so you can't have paid 3400 into a HTB ISA in one month!

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    H2B ISA March '16 to March '17 = 3400.

    The only interest I've received was in April 2017 for my H2B ISA. This looks like I will miss the next interest payment (@ 3.5%) if I transfer my total H2B funds into my LISA (by another provider) before April 2018.

    So I will have 1,250 ready to place in my LISA for 18-19, leaving 2,750 for the rest of the year.


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