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Thread: UOB one card

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    UOB one card

    any idea when i use the NETS features of this card , will there be any charges ?

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    anybody noticed that, UOB One Card...may not be free for life anymore ??

    in their website, perpetual fee waiver with just 3 transactions per month, every 12 months is not stated in the website

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    Nope, there will be no charges for using NETS for purchases deducted from Savings/Current Account linked to the One Card. However, these purchases will not count towards computing the qualifying amount for the cash rebates.

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    ahh....i was thinking the nets is link to my visa . stupid me.

    thanks for the clarification .

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    i know its kinda dumb to ask, but anyone of you know where will the cash rebate be reflected in the monthly statement ??

    i've been using for more than 3 months and each mth, i charge around $300 - $500, but i cant find the cash rebate thingy....


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