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    $10K cash: CD or ARTFX in a taxable account?

    25% tax bracket. If I have $10K cash, national wide the highest CD rate is about 1%. Is it worth simply putting it into ARTFX in a taxable account considering adjusted after-tax return of ARTFX is still much higher than 1% CD rate?

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    I prefer PMZIX because it has lower volatility and the managers want to achieve an absolute return....see the chart.
    If you don't care about volatility and loss of money then why ARTFX? why not PIMIX?

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    Agreed, FD. I think PUTIX/PMZIX or even PFIUX are all better options than ARTFX with a taxable account.

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    where can i buy PMZIX awith a reasonable initial amount? I have accounts at Wells Fargo and Fidelity but not available at Wells and Fidelity requires a $100,000. is Pimix really an equivalent fund?

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    You can buy it at TD Ameritrade and it doesn't have a minimum purchase amount. I bought PMZIX and PIMIX at TDA before I transferred my whole account to Fidelity. To avoid a fee at Fidelity now, I just buy PMZDX and PONDX and do a conversion (no fee and tax free). Hope this helps.


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