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    TSB 40 month 0% interest card

    I'm just looking to see if anyone can help me with some information. In March of 2016 I took out a credit card with TSB under the impression that it was 0% interest for 40 months - does anyone remember this being advertised through the money matters website as we are sure that this is where we were given the information?

    Thanks in advance

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    What was the information you were given regarding your 0% period when you were provided with the card? It's not always the maximum that's publicised as available.

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    Thanks for the response - we were not sent the terms and conditions so there is a dispute about that at the moment. The reason I am asking is that TSB are disputing that there was ever a 40 month period on any of their cards, and we want to know if this time period or similar was ever advertised on this site.

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    Money Matters looks to be a Welfare Rights service based in Glasgow. It doesn't appear to be the kind of site that would promote credit card deals.

    Google shows no trace of a TSB 40 month 0% interest card that I can see. Tesco and Halifax, yes. TSB, no.

    You must have had statements from TSB. They normally make it clear what deal you are on.

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    TSB statements show nothing until 2 statements before the end of offer when it then shows the end date


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