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    Amazon Credit Card

    Just a heads up, done some Christmas shopping on Amazon and was offered a 20 discount if I took out the Amazon credit card, interest rate is a bit steep at 29% but plan to pay it off in full end of January so works out well.
    They offer you 500 instantly to spend if successful and they do a soft credit check first to let you know if you have been pre-approved so won't effect your credit rating if you are knocked back for it.

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    Have the card, operated by NewDay same as Aqua and Marbles, if you shop at amazon and have prime then with the extra points you get it’s a worthwhile card.

    Not massive limits but enough and currently you get 6 months interest free on amazon purchases over Xmas period.

    1000 points gets you 10 amazon voucher automatically loaded to linked account.

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    I was recently offered this card but without the Instant credit, I've got to wait for the card before I can use it! No idea why I didn't get the instant credit.

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    Did you answer the questions regarding the credit file accounts correctly at the end of the application?
    If not that's probably why.

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    I wasn't given that option. I didn't get an instant accept it was referred, and approved the next morning with a message saying no instant spend. Perhaps if your decision is referred instant spend isn't available?


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