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    Lasting Power of Attorney

    Hello - this may be the incorrect thread but I'm not sure where else to post.

    Unfortunately my father has been diagnosed with Dementia.

    We have seen and recognised symptoms for a few years now but it has taken this long to get a diagnosis. I am now thinking about how to ensure we will be able to look after his finances if he becomes completely incapable himself.

    I'm reading about LPA forms online- if I add myself as attorney am i then responsible for paying any bills or debts?

    I don't think he had any debt but wanted to be sure about this.

    If there any other advice on LPA forum users have I'd be very grateful if you could share it.
    Wanting to do it myself instead of using a solicitor - is this wise? Its more for financial reasons so if possible it would help us.

    Thank you in advance

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    A relative has PoA for his relative (donor). The bank/stocks and share accounts are in his relative's (donor's) name but managed by my relative in the best interests of the donor.

    The Attorney is not responsible for paying the donor's debts from his own resources - he would pay them from the donor's resources in so far as there were any - if these had run out then the debtors would be advised accordingly.

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    Sorry to hear about your Fathers condition.

    Your father can only complete and sign an LPA whilst he still has the capacity to understand what is is he is signing (you can of course fill out the paperwork for him).

    I would urge you to get the paperwork sorted , signed and registered as soon as you possibily can as the alternative (Court of Protection) will be painfully slow and time consuming and cost thousands per year.

    Theres absolutely no need to get a solicitor involved. The forms are quite simple to complete but should you need help your local CAB or Alzheimers Society office should be able to assist.

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    You will also need two independent signatories who can vouch for the fact they have known your farther for a period of time (2yrs+ I think) and that he understands what he is signing.

    Edit: Now only one independent signatory required, was 2 a few year ago. They can't be family though.

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    If he's been diagnosed, you may be too late and you'll need to go via the courts.


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