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    Quids in for a Limited Time

    Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am an old time user and lately a frequent browser. There is me, my husband & my two kids age 17 & 15. I have 56,000 owing on my mortgage which is on a tracker rate of currently 1.14 which is really good I think. I do make the odd overpayment on it as it kinda gives me a happy feeling the same as say buying a new top or dress does but tbh I think I would be better off putting any spare money in a savings account in view of the rate.
    To be honest though much as I would like to clear the mortgage as soon as possible, there are other things that I would like money for such as home improvements and driving lessons & a car for my daughter. So this is going to really be more of a savings diary than anything else. If anyone wants to join me that would be great but my main reason for doing this is I hope to keep me focused.
    I have added up all our incomings and outgoings and in theory we should have loads left over every month for savings but the reality is we actually don't! We don't have any debts & do have a small amount of savings but its a bit of a mystery where the money actually goes so I have also started a spending diary to establish that! Life has been good the last year as my ex-husband has been paying maintenance which he never did previously so last year we had our first foreign holiday in six years and we have had a much better social life than we were previously able to and the kids have been able to experience some new things.
    I am aware however that as some of our money is maintenance paid from my ex-husband that will be ending at some point soon in view of my children's ages - hence the title of this thread.
    Thanks for reading so far!

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    I've really got to get our grocery spends down. In October & November we spent an eye-watering amount of over 700 each month and in December 550 which I think is about what we spend most months. The thing is I do shop at Aldi, Lidl, Makro &Home Bargains for some of the shopping but also Asda & Tesco, particularly for the branded stuff we like such as ketchup, baked beans, pickle & pickled onions plus the gluten-free stuff that I need for my son. That amount is for every thing bought in a supermarket so includes dog food, toiletries and cleaning stuff but even so, it's way more than our mortgage costs us every month!

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    What gluten free stuff do you need?

    I'm coeliac and buy barely and specific gluten free goods. Does he get the prescribed goods?

    I eat clean and from scratch which ensures I stick to gluten free, the contents of half the gluten free goods worry me and I find them very calorie dense.

    Oh, welcome by the way

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    Hi choccielover, thanks for commenting. It is my 15 year old son that is Coeliac and I'm afraid his idea his idea of eating clean would be opening a fresh packet of biscuits or chocolate instead of one that is already open! We used to get bread and biscuits on prescription but after years of eating the bread he now doesn't like it and likes Schar paninis or rolls instead and we can no longer get biscuits on prescription. I suppose he is a typical teenager boy though, i.e. he likes his junk & his carbs!
    I've got to get back into baking again as that is cheaper than buying biscuits and cakes. I have been making some proper dinners the last few days that has probably helped a bit - chicken casserole NY's Day, Kedgeree last night & beef casserole tonight. I seem to send a lot of time looking through recipe books but not enough time actually cooking the meals or even planning what to make.
    House wise, three out of our four bedrooms are now decorated but there is still a lot that needs doing in the house such as a new kitchen & new carpets. Even if we had the money saved up,, I'm not really sure how would be the best way to go about getting a new kitchen. We certainly cant afford to go somewhere like Magnet or even B & Q.
    Thing is, I can't help but feel that I would like another holiday abroad. It was so lovely last year and I feel that time is running out for family holidays as my daughter will be 18 this year and might not want to come with us for much longer. She has already said that she doesn't want to come if we go in England. Aargh I need to win the lottery which seeing as I don't even do it, no chance there!

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    Well a positive thing is that OH rang Sky & managed to get our monthly repayment reduced from 125 a month down to 84 which is great.
    The bad new is that I have already managed to spend a fair amount on food already & we are only at the start of the month. This is partly because I was near an Aldi & Lidl so took the opportunity to stock up while there. The cupboards & freezers are pretty full although I was wondering about using a 6 off 40 Sainsburys vouchers to stock up even more, lol!
    I think I might do a SOA although maybe not to publish it.
    I have also just discovered a savings diary forum and was wondering whether I should change this diary to there as mortgage reductions will I realise be fairly low & infrequent.


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