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    Car insurance question..

    I'd appreciate advice from anyone with knowledge on the subject of car insurance. I have been asked to lend my car to someone for a week which I am happy to do but my insurance company is wanting a small fortune to provide temporary cover. I know there are plenty of companies that do short term insurance so my question is would the person be able to get cover from one of them even though my car already has a policy? Thanks in advance.

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    Have a read of this, seems to answer most questions...

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    Thanks, that was much more helpful than my own insurance company's site!

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    If you think about it it is not so very different to someone who has insurance on their own car which gives them basic cover when driving another car. Though it seems it's not so common as it once was for fully comp. policies to give third party cover when driving someone else's car.

    And I hope you know that the person you are loaning your car to is fully legal to drive as you could end up in a world of grief if you knowingly allow someone who is not permitted to drive to use your car.


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