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    Selling a house "as is"?

    We're eight years into a home we overpaid for (bubble). We'd like to move to be closer to family, but don't have a ton of time or money to put into fixing up the house to sell. Plus, our house is never neat. We homeschool our four kids, cook all our meals at home, and have four pets. There's no way our house is ever going to look "ready to sell."

    Plus, I have to admit, putting a lot of money we could use for a down payment on our next house into cosmetic fixes, just so someone else can live here (or to pad our realtor's commission?), kind of irks me.

    It's a good solid house, no major issues, in a good neighborhood

    So, what are the downsides of putting it on the market "as is"? The worst that would happen, I would think, is that no one bites. Right?

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    Listing a home as-is indicates that you may know there are things wrong with the house, beyond the cosmetic (messy, dinged floors or crayon all over walls). When I see a listing say as-is, it translates to major deferred maintenance. It's better to not say that, and negotiate on the price/inspection items as they come in. I've seen wonderful houses that needed updating and they were priced appropriately and snapped up.

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    You'll probably get low ball offers if you get any offers at all. You probably cannot afford to pay closing costs / realtor fees and sell it cheap.

    You could go buy a home (before your credit goes to crap) and then walk away from this house or try to short sell.

    You need to talk to a very experienced agent in your area to talk options.

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    Our agent advised against it only because it sends out red flags to many buyers who as others have said may think it means there are problems you've ignored or don't want to deal with. You can price it to sell and just indicate during the negotiation phase that you aren't upgrading/making certain repairs. That's what we ended up doing, and we spent less than $1K on repairs.

    If your house really is fine in all the important areas, then really consider making the effort to clean it up, take a short break during homeschooling, since you have that flexibility, and make an effort to get it as close to "show ready" as you can. Do you know anyone who can keep the pets for a short term during showing?

    It doesn't have to look like a model home, but just the way you described it, with 4 pets, made me very nervous about its condition.

    If you can take a month to make it NOT look like you homeschool 4 kids and have 4 pets lol it could pay off for you.

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    New windows? Please. That's one of the most expensive renovations you can do and not necessary to sell. Just price it with the existing windows in mind.
    New carpet? It would be nice, but again ... have it professionally cleaned and price it with the condition in mind.
    Interior paint job? That may be worth looking into. Paint can make a home look SO much better, especially if you have every room painted a different color, and it doesn't have to be expensive. If you can't paint it yourself, ask around for recs for an affordable painter.


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