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Thread: H2B and LISA

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    H2B and LISA

    Hi, just looking for some info which I've not been able to obtain on the official websites.

    If I transfer a H2B ISA into a LISA will I just get the 25% 'bonus' on my contributions (as in LISA) or the 25% bonus on contributions plus accrued interest (which, as I understand it, is the case with the H2B ISA)?

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    You'll get the bonus on any interest earned before 6 April 2017 I believe.
    Any interest from this year would also get the bonus, but would eat into the 4000 you can deposit this year I think.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Paid off as soon as possible.

    Out of 15k you borrowed 15 years ago (180 months).

    You've only paid off 900 of the due amount.

    You need to address this as soon as possible if they have put a charging order on the house

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    So I'll need to calculate the interest on the 17/18 contributions and take it and the money saved off the 4k, rather than just put 1500 in (I opened with 100)?


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