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    rbs ripping off existing customers

    So, the best deal I can get switch my existing buy to let mortgage with RBS to a 2 year fee free fix is 3.28%. However, as a new customer I could get 2.22%, over 1% and nearly a third cheaper. I pointed out to a nice customer services operator that the RBS website says "get the best rates available when you switch' and that this wasn't true as the best rates seemed to be reserved for new customers and that the bank was neglecting their existing ones. The response was that the statement on 'best rate available' was specific to your circumstances and that new customers were given better rates as they typically had additional costs when compared to an existing customer. Total claptrap and yet another example of multi-nationals not looking after their existing customer base. Seems the only way to get the best deals on anything is to keep on moving.

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    Sounds like its remortgage time for you then....

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    Yep, lots of better deals out there than RBS are offering me to stay with them

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    As RBS is 70% owned by the UK Government, I wouldn't really describe them as a multi-national.

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    Amount of funds available for this product will be limited. Insufficient to service the existing customer base.

    What are the product fees on the mortgage options?


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