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    Is this the right time to buy shares in Tesco Plc?

    The share price is at all time low of around 1.76 a share compared to 4.80 a share in 2008.

    2017 was the first year Tesco posted fantastic results. Moreover, Tesco has restarted paying dividends this month.

    With a merger with the wholesale chain Booker, in early 2018, look set to go ahead.

    Is this now the best time to buy Tesco shares?

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    I don’t know but am watching this forum as would be interested!!

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    It's not an all-time low, that was Dec 2015.

    The Booker provisional verdict has already been delayed - on what basis are you saying it's likely to be approved?

    Are you a Tesco shareholder?

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    No but looking to buy some

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    Based on what you're saying, do you think now is the best time to buy Tesco shares?

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