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    Buying a house through PurpleBricks

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has bought a property through purple bricks? My son is looking to buy his first property and it can be a minefield at the best of times, but without a "real" person to liase with as it is all online has anyone got any tips?

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    They were on WatchDog the other day, for a variety of reasons. I can't remember exactly but it was mainly to do with issues sellers had had.

    I believe they are an alternative to traditional high street estate agents so it's the seller who has to deal with them mainly. I don't see why you'd set out to buy a house via Purple Bricks specifically ?

    If it helps, most estate agents I've ever spoke to are shiny suited, Audi driving idiot salesmen any way, so probably not a great loss IMHO

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    As the seller pays traditional Estate Agent fees why does he have to use Purplebricks?

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    Haha! you are probably right there, he has seen quite a few but really likes this one, never does anything the easy way, thats kids for you lol

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    Purple Bricks will have a local agent who will show you round the property and answer any questions you have. In many ways PB operates in a very similar way to a local agency - the main differences are that obviously there's no building to go to (but how often will a buyer actually go to the agency office) and a PB agent will typically have more properties at any one time, meaning that they can't provide quite a same level of service.

    If the sale process is fairly straight forward then you probably won't notice much difference between using them and a standard agency. You solicitor draws up the contracts, the bank organizes the mortgage and standard survey, the estate agent just chases people here and there.


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