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    Onto The Floor It Goes!!!

    At age 67, I now understand why I get so overly angry when something falls to the floor, as it's harder for me to stoop down and pick it up, unless it be an egg that rolled off the counter onto the floor.

    I'm even beginning to talk to some of these items:

    "There you are, an apple, lying on the floor. I set you on the counter and you weren't happy until you rolled off the counter onto the floor, and now you're all bruised and laughing at me. So for your punishment, into the trash you go! Not going to even take one bite out of you!"

    Perhaps it just seems that more items today that roll onto the floor, slip out of my hands. And why? My hands are too dirty, they smell, so the item wants to escape from my hands as soon as possible?

    I think the time has come to buy one of those long-handed tweezers.

    Ironically, I can go all the way down to the floor, and get back up again, with little problem, but not the bending, stooping over part.

    How about you? You get as angry as I do when something falls to the floor, slips out of your hands? And do you curse and swear over it, like I do, making your neighbors suspicious of what's going on in that house?

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    If I get down on the floor, I cannot get back up...not without help anyway.
    I have a very bad back, parts have rods and screws in them, and my right knee has torn ligaments, so it WILL NOT lift me up any more.

    I have an extender-reaching claw like you mentioned.

    But I put round things like eggs and fruit INTO a BOWL on the counter to hold them so they can't roll off!

    I avoid things like low shelves or drawers I cannot reach well any more.

    I'm a 53 yr old male, but sometimes I feel like I'm 95.

    It's all about adapting to your new *abilities*, not what you cannot do anymore.

    I'm going to look into things like tai chi, my local hospital supposedly has a free class that one can take. It might help with flexibility. Perhaps you could do something like that too? I think yoga is a bit beyond my (new) abilities, but many old people in Asia do tai chi every morning. So perhaps it will help.

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    I am a very fortunate person. I am still very able to bend to pick something up, no problem standing from a sitting position without pushing myself out with my hands. I don't curse at something I dropped. If I curse it is usually over something that happened in the world.

    I do have arthritis, sometimes my back "yells" at me, but thankfully an ice pack or a couple of Tylenol make things right again.

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    Yeah, a long long long time ago I learned this trick. Thanks for the video, I couldn't figure out how to explain the leg out thing.

    I keeps me from knee bending which I cannot get back up from.

    My cane is good for steady walking, but not for bending down knee wise or for getting up off the floor. That is how I tore the ligaments in my right knee, trying to get up off the floor using my cane only as support.

    As I said, it's all about adapting to your new *abilities*.

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