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    First travel credit card

    Hi there,
    I need an advise in what first credit card to apply for. I hace great credit and have amazon chase card forever now. I travel every 2-3 months 3-7 hitel nights, but fly once per year.

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    Do you have a preferred hotel chain? Since you fly fairly rarely it might be better to take advantage of the annual night credit that the hotel cards generally offer.

    On the other hand, if you're looking to fly for vacation more often, earning points in the Ultimate Rewards (Chase) or Membership Rewards (AmEx) ecosystems may be worthwhile depending on where you'd like to go.

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    You said "first" travel credit card....are you planning for this to be the first of many?

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    What's your spending ability?
    If it's not enough to generate significant returns leading to enough points for travel you may do much better with a good cash back card. The "Points game" can be very lucrative but if you can't generate enough for a good return you may be wasting your time.

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    For most people the signup bonuses are far more valuable than the points from everyday spend. Then there are the people who MS but that might not be something OP wants to try right now.


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