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    Reinstatement right before Foreclosure sale date

    I received a foreclosure sale date of January 7 (tomorrow) and have been working through Wells Fargo and their attorneys to get the reinstatement amount. I chose to pull from my IRA as opposed to try and modify due to all the horror stories. I contacted the attorneys office on Dec. 20th and never heard back. I called WF when I hadn 't heard back and they called the attorney's office and got the quote for me. I wired the money last Friday and when I called WF later that day they said that there was no longer a sale date showing for my home. I called the attorney's office and the girl who answered told me that someone at WF needed to notify them in writing that I had reinstated my loan because if they didn't my house would still go up for sale on the 7th. I worried all weekend about it and called WF this morning to talk to the lady I dealt with initially and she told me that she is showing a sale date of Feb. 7th now which will fall off once they apply the money to my loan then I will receive a bill next month as usual with possibly extra attorney fees. She called the attorney's office while I held and when she came back she said they also show a sale date of Feb. 7th. It's possible they changed it after I called.

    Anyway, my question is should I be contacting anyone else? I am afraid they are still going to try and sell my house tomorrow. I can't find the notice with the trustee name so have no idea who that is. WF said them and the attorney are the only ones I need to talk to.

    Please let know if you think I should be doing anything else today to ensure my home isn't auctioned off tomorrow.

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    I recommend you contact the trustee. Since you're unable to locate the NOTS with the trustee's contact info, you might access your county recorder - you'll likely find the recorded NOTS there.

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    Thank you for the reply. I talked to attorney's office a few minutes ago and they told me they are the trustee and the sale is postponed until next month and assured me there was no one else to call and that my house would not be auctioned off tomorrow.

    Do you know where I can get a listing of tomorrow's homes being auctioned (online)? I found one site that claims to update several times a day but it's $45 just to get the list.

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    Yes, definitely follow Tom's advice. Just curious, did you receive any reinstatement form in writing prior to sending in the funds? If not, if the reinstatement figures you received over the phone are not sufficient to cover the entire past due amount, they could ultimately hold these funds in a suspense account until the rest of the money is received and the arrears are satisfied..


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