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    Mattress purchased by credit card

    I purchased a bed mattress by credit card and that after using it only once found I was having problems with it being to firm and causing discomfort . When I first saw the display mattress in the shop I tried it and it seemed ok but when the mattress I purchased arrived I found that the mattress was to firm despite having an identical label on, the retailer ignored my repeated phone calls and when I eventually spoke to him he said ,it not my problem you tried the mattress I pointed out that mattress I tried out in the shop was different one .
    Can I make a claim through my credit card company under section 75

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    Surely it'll soften / loosen up over time,1 night is far too early to decide it aint right.

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    You will find it really difficult to prove that you have been supplied a different mattress to the one you tried out in the shop. Without proving it no lender will refund you the money.

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    How much did it cost?

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    It had an identical label on it yet it was a different mattress, did it state the firmness on the labels ?


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