Hi all, sorry if this sounds a bit like I am stupid but until a few months ago my husband looked after all the finance's. He has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and I have now taken control. I have a power of attorney.
I have recently received an email via my husbands email account, which I now monitor, from a creditor asking for more money for a debt my husband accrued after defaulting on a loan of 20,000. He has a county court judgement against him ordering him to pay 10.00 a month which he has done since the order was placed in June 2008. He has never missed a payment. The debt is in his name not mine so I was wondering if anyone can help me with 2 questions. 1. He was suffering from depression at the time he took out the loans, it was obvious to anyone that he could not repay the amount from his then wages, Is there any chance of getting the debt written off as he now has a condition that will only get worse and he was not in control of his mind when he took out the loans. 2. Does my PIP and Carers Allowance have to be included in any statement of in-comings and out goings I now have to send them. I should add that my husband no longer remembers taking out the loan and it is causing him some distress. Sorry for the long winded post, any help would be gratefully received.