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    Best place for cash?

    I am getting my AVC in January. It's about 13000 and I intend to put about 9000 in my two TSB and Tesco accounts to earn 3% from that. Not sure where to put the rest. Possible choices are in my existing S&S ISA or perhaps premium bonds? Any other ideas?

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    If you want to keep it, or part of it, as cash you could look at Nationwide's FlexDirect, 5% on 2,500 for a year, You would also be eligible for the Flexlusive Regular Saver also at 5%

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    I do have a Flexdirect though now onto its 1% stage. And have just renewed the Flexlusive regular saver! Typical they drop the amount you can put in it just as I have a bit more spare!

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    put it all into your S&S ISA

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    But don't leave it in cash in a S&S ISA!!!


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