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    A little known 'mansion tax' for property in Limited Companies

    For those with individual properties worth more than 500k held within a Ltd. Company you may wish to read this article in The Telegraph:

    Another great reason to be investing in the Northern Powerhouse and especially Gods County - Yorkshire! Where investment properties don't tend to exceed 500k ;o)

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    Doesn't it only apply to properties that aren't rented out?

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    well spotted - I actually missed that on my first read. However, as you can be fined if you don't lodge a return I thought it best to still share this post.

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    When you look at the exceptions I struggle to work out who DOES need to pay! Seems like they are aiming to make money from the 100 fines for failing to do a return rather than the tax.

    In order to be able to claim a relief against ATED, the property must be either:

    • Let to a third party on a commercial basis and not occupied (or available for occupation) by anyone connected with the owner at any time;
    • Open to the public for at least 28 days a year on a commercial basis i.e. stately homes;
    • Being developed for resale by a property developer;
    • Owned by a property trader as the stock of the business or for the sole purpose of resale;
    • Repossessed by a financial institution as a result of its business of lending money e.g. equity release schemes;
    • Used by a trading business to provide living accommodation to employees, where the employee has less than 10% interest in the company e.g. key executives working in the UK;
    • A farmhouse occupied by a farm worker or a former long-serving farm worker;
    • Owned by a registered provider of social housing.

    There are also exemptions for:

    • Residential property owned by a charity and held for charitable purposes;
    • Properties held by public bodies, and bodies established for national purposes;
    • Properties conditionally exempt from inheritance tax.

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    Yorkshire! Where investment properties don't tend to exceed 500k ;o)


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