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    Self employed employees being charged by business if customers pay by card!

    Is it legal for a business to cross charge the card fee to the employees now the new legislation is in play. I understand that not being able to charge the customer for using a card will impact the business, however I don't see how it is right that this charge should be passed to the workers?
    Thank you for any advice

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    What is a self-employed employee?

    What charges are being passed on to you, for what?

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    My husband drives a taxi firms minibus. He is classed as self employed. He has a percentage of money for every job they give him. All drivers received a message yesterday to inform them that if a customer pays by card that 2% of the payment will be taken from the drivers earnings and not the business.
    Hope this makes sense.
    Thank you

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    Did the company previously charge the customer if they paid by card?

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    Yes they did charge the customer.


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