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    General advice regarding leg amputee.

    My dad is in hospital having his leg amputated from just above the knee as a result of complications following an arterial bypass to treat a blockage in his thigh.

    He lives with me and my daughter and currently has the living room as his bedroom as he can't get upstairs. We're looking for other accommodation as my daughter and I are living and eating in our bedrooms. Hopefully the council can find us somewhere with a downstairs bathroom and bedroom for him or I can find something suitable through private renting.

    The operation is being carried out today. I've never had to care for an amputee before so I have real idea what to expect when he gets home, which I appreciate will be a few weeks yet. I'm picking up a wheelchair later today and he has a Zimmer frame and walking sticks already. He's been given a hospital bed which takes up most of the living room and he has an electric reclining chair.

    What other equipment is he likely to need? Any advice would be greatly received.

    The decision was only made yesterday so I'm still trying to take it all in.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry to hear about your dad's leg. You may want to think about his bathroom needs. Maybe he will need some extra hand rails to hold on to if he is having a shower or getting in and out of a bath. Also make sure the wheelchair is the right width for him. If it's too wide it puts extra strain on his arms. A narrower one is less tiring as long as he can fit in it.

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    There must be so much to take in at the moment and so many questions. I hope the following is helpful.

    It might be worth contacting your local authority and request a social care assessment. Under the Care Act there's a duty on the local authority to "carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support, regardless of their likely eligibility for state-funded care".

    If a person - and/or carer - is assessed as being eligible for support then that's worth exploring although there is no obligation to accept support and it can't be forced on you.

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    Thanks for replying. I didn't even think about wheelchair size, I just assumed they were all pretty much the same!

    I've got some hand rails but I'll have to get the landlord's permission and I'm not convinced I'll get it. Hopefully we'll have somewhere else to live before he comes home.

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    I had my my left leg (below knee amputated) a few years ago. We didn't move because of it. There was a period of a few months where I slept downstairs (we have a downstairs bathroom). I was given a wheelchair but rarely used it as I just managed with crutches. As son as I got my prothesis I was fine going up and down stairs. Obviously it's different if your bathroom is upsatirs. I had a hospital bed in the sitting room for a few months but no one ate upstairs!! It was business as usual.

    It sounds a dreadful thing to have done but thousands of people manage just fine. There is a FB group called UK Amputees. They are very supportive. It's a closed group and you have to be approved as believe it or not there are crazies who find amputees a turn on. Weird folk.

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    Thanks for your reply too.

    Adult Social Care (I think!) have been in contact and they're going to arrange a carer for his personal hygiene needs as he doesn't want me to help him with dressing and washing, understandably.

    The other two links are great, I'll have a good read of those and take notes.


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