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    My mum died tonight............................

    This isn't a P take this is real life. How do do people cope with losing one of their parents? Erm.................................How can anyone I don't know what i'm saying or thinking right now. I'm in a utter state of shock

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    I tried to wake her up as I had to get the dogs for a walk but immediately noticed something wasn't right when her head was in the position the way it was immediately phoned 999 who advised to start performing CPR they got her breathing but her heart was too badly damaged or something didn't make it. I got a call to go up to the hospital as I stayed behind for a bit had to go back to look after the dogs and house then my sister called me told me the bad news

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    I was sat with my mother when she died. It's pretty shocking isn't it.

    I hope your sister can be with you. Do you have any other family?

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    Bless you. Do what you have to do. Go through the motions. Cry when you need to, or don't need to. An awful thing to go through. Get as much support as you can, from friends and family. Look after yourself. x

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    You poor soul. What a dreadful and sad thing for you to experience. As others have said there is no right and wrong way to feel or act at such a time. You will feel as you feel. Probably pretty numb right now and it may take a while to sink in. There will be practial considerations to focus on for the next week or so and that can be a blessing beause it provides some sense of purpose. After that well you will go through all sorts of emotions possibly. I agree with the advice given above to go with the flow and allow yourself the time and permission to deal with you bereavement in your own way.

    As for how you cope and how we get through it. You just do and you will too. The sad fact of the matter is you can't do anything to change it. So you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually it gets easier to do that and the pain becomes less raw. It will take time, months probably but you will get there. I had a text from a friend the night my Dad died and he wrote "The sun will shine again". And it will, seems unbelievable now but it will I promise.

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    Sorry for your loss, where you close ?

    Both my parents passed away over the last 18 months. I wasn't really close to them and I don't miss them at all so probably different from you. Found some real nastiness in the family during the funerals. Don't let anybody bully you into doing things you don't want to. Remember that everyone grieves in their own way, there is no right way or wrong way.

    Next few days are going to be very busy with things to organise. If she died at home and hasn't seen a doctor in the last 14 days their might be an enquiry. Shouldn't take to long.

    Do you have friends / family that you can talk to and get help from ?


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