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    natwest overdraft

    I was seeing if id be elegible for more overdraft so i applied it declined me without me offering how much i wanted now im paranoiaing out what about if they take my original overdraft off me ID BE **** PAYDAY i didnt put any amount in that i wanted and i always pay the charge and never go ten pound over what im meant too i get fifty quid overdraft on this account.

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    Use the money to buy some full stops,commas etc then maybe, just maybe, I'd understand your post .

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    If I've translated that correctly into English are you saying that you often go up to 10 over your authorised limit? In which case that's probably your answer.

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    I found your question quite easy to understand.

    You might think they're being hard on you.
    The bank by their refusal, is trying to encourage you to live within your income.

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    I suggest you stop applying for credit when you can't live within your means, it's probably destroying your credit score. If you're in financial hardship and stuck in a spiral of debt because of bank charges etc then your bank has a duty to treat you fairly. Take a look at the below link for some sources of help: -

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    I've tried on several occasions to cut back the time I spend on here, but I always come back. Recently though I no longer feel welcome on GD - too much negativity on there. Time to move on.


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