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    Trapping mice - "Popular Mechanics" has some simple ideas

    I've taken long breaks from here, facebook and other social media during darker periods in my life.

    You always change your password to something random so you can't log on. Then go through password reset process, at least it will make you think twice before signing back in.

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    It's a shame a poster feels that way but most people here don't think about other people here. For most of us it's just a collection of posts some of which we choose to reply to. I think people that engage personally with other posters are 'doing it wrong'. You leave yourself open to all the bad things that social media can cause. So I guess that leaves two choices: running away or learning how to de-personal electronic media. Given that electronic media is all-pervasive and becoming increasingly hard to ignore perhaps the OP should rethink their strategy and try to learn how to deal with it unemotionally.

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    I did this a year or so ago. It just all got a bit boring to be honest. The same topics, same posters saying the same thing (and I include myself in that).

    I didn't get rid of my account though. That seems a bit dramatic. I just stopped reading DS. It took a bit of will power but was easier than I thought. I came back after about 9 months.

    Nothing has changed (Same people/same topics) but it's good to know I can come and go on my own terms.

    Maybe try just staying away. If you feel you want to log in and peek distract yourself with something else. It's a habit and like any habit you can break it.

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    I never get these "Goodbye" threads, I see them as a form of attention seeking.

    Why the need to advertise?

    Close one's account and move on, unless one feels the need for a group hug.

    Stop being sensitive to other people's opinion maybe the way forward.

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    See, I could understand this if I'd done a post in General Discussion.

    But I come on here specifically to thank people who helped me through my daughter's surgery and I get accused of being attention seeking and overly sensitive and half the posts are critical of me. You can't even thank people on here without people using it as an excuse to put you down. If I had any doubts leaving I don't now!

    Mods I emailed my request yesterday. Please delete my account.


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