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    Barclaycard Platinum Abroad

    Hi everyone,

    I applied for a Barclaycard Platinum during the summer after reading on MSE that there are no non-Sterling transaction fees nor cash withdrawal fees when abroad.

    I phoned the call centre today to ask when this expired and I was told this was the case until 2022. It seems a little to good to be true (I was expecting it to last a few months) and can't find any info online for how long the no fees lasts.

    Does this sound normal? I'd hate to go away and come back and get stung with fees!

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    It's normal.

    It's also a reminder about the benefits of retaining pesky paperwork like terms and conditions rather than binning it.

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    Clearly says it on their website:

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    Don't be embarressed.

    There was a time when it was very easy to find online T+Cs for a card. I find it is becoming more difficult. The reasons appear to be:

    1) The proliferation of products and variants.
    2) The use of summary boxes.
    3) Mobile phone/tablet friendly web pages which are thin on content.
    4) Mushrooming marketing claptrap which gets in the way.


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