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    Data breach at Hargreaves Lansdown???

    Is anyone else aware that HLs online isa withdrawal facility has been unavailable since last week?
    I've spent over 3 hours on the phone since Monday and the 'customer service' ineptitude trumps anything I've suffered with the well known repeat offenders we know and love.
    Even though the fault is with their it dept (300 award winning,highly motivated and skilled professionals according to their blog) only that dept can make a bacs transfer....... But even their own colleagues have been unable to contact them (in the same building!!) since last week.
    Nobody is the least concerned about withholding my money, nor that their platform is broken, suspect there is something more sinister going on here.
    Let's pray it's not a data breach they're trying to cover up, although all the indications point to thst
    I haven't tried to contact them today, but the platform still says online withdrawals are currently unavailable.
    I have not had responses to the 3 emails and the registering of an official complaint I made yesterday.
    In a similar vein, online sipp withdrawals have been unavailable since March 2017.
    Every month means a call usually of 40 minutes or so to set one up. I did this month's a week ago. So far there is no acknowledgement it will be actioned.

    Is anyone else experiencing this woeful level of service.?

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    Sinister or maybe MiFID coding requirements have created an unexpected error and they are looking to fix it.

    Aviva platform is going down for withdrawals for over a week later this month.

    Half the platforms out there have software issues/quirks at some point (or even constantly).

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    Given the detail on another thread, one suspects it's Mifid II at play.

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    No, I was speaking with them about drawdown options last week and as always (in my experience) their customer service was excellent. But I don't hold any ISAs with them. It might be best to retitle your thread as it is somewhat misleading. As a large SIPP holder it caused me concern to see this thread, maybe you could retitle it "Anyone else experiencing issues with HL ISA withdrawals?"

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    Not good but why did you jump to a data breach, sounds like a massive and unwarranted leap in logic when something do with MIFID II directly or indirectly is surely more likely?


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