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Thread: My rights- HELP

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    My rights- HELP

    Hi all,
    I wondered if it is possible to get some advice.

    In November (21st to be exact) myself and my partner bought a hoover from Curry's and chose the buy now pay in 6 months option. In March this year we went in to the store to pay the item off and were told by the store that they had on their records that it had already been settled and there is nothing to pay. We said we weren't sure how this could be possible and rang the company that offered the credit and they said that it had been cancelled on January 20th.
    We were in store for a while and relayed the message to the employee who then checked with the manager who checked again and said there was nothing to pay and in his words it was "our lucky day".
    Fast forward to today and I have received a letter saying that because of a technical error the credit had not been added to my account and that they have "rectified it" and now added it back on so we now have to pay the 398.99 in 6 months. Needless to say that the money that we had saved to pay off the item was spent on other things and it's not something that we readily have available.
    My main gripe though is it feels very wrong. How, when it was their error and we were told we had nothing to pay, can they suddenly load us onto a finance agreement without further consent and now demand that we pay?

    Have I got a leg to stand on if I refuse to pay?

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    No. It's an error that needs rectifying.

    Think of it as an extra generous interest free loan.

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    You chose the buy now and pay in 6 months option, you used that 6 months to save and then attempted to pay with the money you had saved over that 6 months?

    So if they are now saying they have realised their mistake, and are giving you a further 6 months before you have to pay, why can you not use the new 6 months to save up again as you did last time?

    Forgive me if I am misunderstanding the timescale of the demand for repayment.

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    No you're not misunderstanding the time scale. However our circumstances have changed and i'm now self employed so that kind of money isn't very easy for me to save especially as we have a wedding to pay for.

    I guess it's just a bit annoying as we had the money to pay for it, then were told that we wouldn't have to pay despite us offering and now they've gone back on it again. They've also done the 6 months from the 21st of July and only just let us know about it so they're only really giving us 4 months to pay...

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    In a situation like this, I must agree with the other posters in terms of liability to pay, but as you have received bad service you can also complain. You can highlight what happened and try and include any proof you may have (although it doesn't sound as though they are denying the error at this stage). You can outline how you want the matter resolved (you can request them to write off/ discount the debt, but they are not obligated to do this and the money is still owed). If they do not resolve it to your satisfaction then you can take the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Good luck,

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    The mistake is yours in assuming you could just spend the money instead of sticking it to one side "just in case" something like this happened. When anything like this happens you should always assume that at some point in the future they may come wanting their money, at least for the following year.


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