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    Car sharing at work

    I'll probably regret posting this, but here goes! .............

    I've worked with someone for about 10 years now who always expects me to provide the transport if we are going to a meeting together. I understand he shares a car with his wife but I also share with my other half, and me providing the car means a lot of forward planning and juggling.

    Its the way he just assumes I'll be able to provide the transport that winds me up.

    How can I politely tell him I'm sick of him scrounging a lift with me every time?

    We've a meeting tomorrow and he's already asking how I'm planning on getting there. I should also say he's paid a lot more than me and it annoys me I'm part running a car for his benefit.

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    You could reply "Great minds think alike, I was just coming to see you to ask for a lift tomorrow to the meeting"

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    well firstly, do you have suitable car insurance to cover you for the business use?
    if you don't then you can just say you can no longer use your own car as you're not insured.

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    what is the issue, that you are having to juggle your time, expense, you don't like his company or something else ?

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    lol looks like something fishy is going on..what wouldn't you want to keep your account open beyond two weeks if it doesnt cost you anything?


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