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    Best way to find a new build

    We would like to expand our home search to include new construction.
    We are still exploring areas and narrowing things down, so we're not ready to start working with a realtor.

    At this point, what is the best way to find new builds (particularly in the Dallas metro area)?

    One realtor we spoke with briefly directed us to a website that was just pointless.
    New construction seems to be a hit-and-miss on the MLS.
    Do we have to go to each and every builder's website?

    Side question: How willing are realtors to show and work with clients on new builds?

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    You don't need a realtor to help you with new construction. Don't waste your money on a realtor. You can do it all yourself. What are they going to do for you that you can't do? In my city, there is a very good magazine and website on new construction called New Home Source, lists all neighborhoods. You can get the information through magazines or online. You can also go to your City Planning department to find new developments/neighborhoods. You don't need MLS. Planning will have all the information for new builders developing property. You can easily do it all. Then you can go search out the new neighborhood on your own, driving around, or walk around. Go at all times, even at night if you care about crime, and checking everything out, that most people don't.

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    I would narrow your area of search down first, and then drive through that area frequently, in addition to getting a realtor who is very familiar with that area who can tell you what new construction is coming on the market.

    I too have been baffled as to why new construction isn't on the MLS or otherwise well advertised online. In my market I see a ton of new construction going on that I am aware of simply because I live in the area. These new construction developments typically do not show up on the MLS and it takes a long time (if ever) for the builders to put the projects up on their websites as well. You really need to be on the ground to catch new construction projects, for whatever odd reason.

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    The trend in the DC area is the Realtor sends the buyer to several sites, makes the appointment for the buyer to meet with the sales rep.....they then rebate 2% back to the buyer of the 3% paid out. This works well for me, only because the buyer no longer goes with the builder's mortgage company

    I do know of two Realtors, both former executives with large regional builders, that are really tuned in to what builders are doing what and where. (The builders still hire them for market studies for land development). They take on a small amount of clientele, they don't rebate unless it's a double deal, then they charge 0% on the sale of the old home. But the average agent knows the new home community to the extent of the last new home development they visited.

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    My last two homes were new builds in developments. I found no reason to use a real estate agent. I negotiated with the builders agent and had my lawyer review anything before I signed.


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