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    Chip & pin cards

    I had a bag stolen containing a visa debit and credit card. Both have been used and all the bank says is that the transactions are chip and pin as if that makes it alright. Does anyone know what rights consumers have when the PIN has not been divulged and the cards have been successfully used?

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    how did they know the pin? was it written down?

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    Scenario 1: If the transactions were paid for by the person entering the PIN correctly then that suggests that you either had the PIN written down in your purse/wallet inside your bag - you would be held liable.

    Scenario 2: The person had watched you shopping elsewhere/at a cash machine entering your PIN, followed you, stole your bag and then went on to make purchases.

    If you are going with scenario 2, then you need to call both card companies and dispute the transactions. You also need to go to the police and file a crime report. Do you have any evidence that you were elsewhere when the transactions took place? E.g say you were at a coffee shop in Nottingham and the transactions took place in Sheffield, do you have receipts that could show this?

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    point 2 wont help,because 2 cards have been used, presumably with the same pin, it's against card issuers terms to do this, to prevent this exact scenario, where a pin is obtained and all a persons cards are able to be used

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    I was thinking same thing. Another forum "fact".

    Thinking about it when Barclaycard had both the Amex and Visa cards they were issued with the same PIN by default.


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