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    Where to park money for up to 1 year

    We wan to 'park' money up to 1 year as we may buy property at that point. Are there relatively liquid instruments apart from stocks that pay a certain amount of interest for a year? ISA is full for this tax year.

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    Savings account?

    Tesco internet saver 1.35%, from 1st December. Instant access.

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    Only really two options if you think you may need access to the money within a year - a current account or two or failing that the top easy-access account, currently 1.31%.

    If you think you can wait just over an entire year there are fixed-rate options paying I think 1.95% fixed for one year but obviously that ties it up until the end of the term. The other option may be the NS&I 3yr bond at 2.2% which will allow you early access subject to 90 day interest penalty but that only works out to about 16 anyway.

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    Yup, atom bank, fixed one year at 1.95%.
    Fully covered by fscs

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    Peer to peer is an option. Ratesetter has a one year product which pays around 5%. But be aware this is investing not saving so there is some risk attached.


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