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    State Pension forecast less than full amount - NOT contracted out

    Thought I’d start a new thread although it’s a similar situation to the one from yesterday about receiving a full State Pension. The difference is that my husband has never been contacted out.

    Husband is 57 – for much of his working life he’s been self-employed & had a few years living abroad, therefore he has gaps in his NI record. His online State Pension forecast shows that he has 19 years of NI contributions, and will have a further 9 years’ if he works until 2026. He is saving to pay the shortfall between 2008-12 (approx. 689 for each year). 2012-15 is still ‘under investigation’ but he will also pay that shortfall once they advise the amounts needed (he was self employed after returning to UK by this time). Since 2015 he’s been full time PAYE which makes things simpler.

    My query is this – his forecast states: if you contribute to 05/04/26 you will receive 132.69 a week. You can improve your forecast by paying the shortfall in your NI record. The most you can increase your forecast to is 144.92 a week.

    Please can anyone explain why the most he can increase my forecast to is less than the full state pension, which we understand is around 159 a week? He has not been contracted out at any point in his working life.

    If he currently has 19 years of NI contributions and will have a further 9 years’ by 2026, plus 4 years once the shortfall is paid for 2008-12, and a further 3 years from 2012-15 pending amount due, that makes a total of 35 years contributions which should mean he is entitled to a full state pension?

    We've written to The Pension Service in Wolverhampton but are still awaiting a reply, so thought we’d ask the knowledgeable folk on this Board.

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    Thank you, Xylophone. I have read the chart & notes but I still don't really understand why he will never reach the full state pension - is it because he had such a big NI shortfall as of 06/04/16 even though he's trying to repay it all gradually?

    It seems he still has 7 years' shortfall to pay - if he didn't pay all of this, presumably he would receive even less than 144.92 per week? In other words, I'm trying to make sure that it's worthwhile him paying back all the 7 years' shortfall, that he's not paying it to no avail.

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    He can only achieve a maximum of around 103 (26/30 x 119.35) by topping up - this plus 9 post 2016 years brings him to around 144?

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    From the on-line forecast... what is his current amount? (ie NI contributions to 5.4.17).

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    According to the OP's numbers, his starting amount (in 2016), would have been based on 18 years.


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