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    Unknown Credit Limit Pre-application

    I have just got 98% of the way through an application for a Barclaycard Balance Transfer card and then had to abandon because I realized that if I clicked on the final button my application would be processed and I would either get a card or be rejected. However at this point they had not stated what my credit limit would be. This seems a bit odd given that if it was less than the amount I want to transfer to the card from another credit card then the whole exercise would be pointless. I don't understand why they don't tell you what your credit limit will be before you commit. Any thoughts ideas suggestions on this one please?
    Thanks Mike

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    You won't find out until you are accepted.

    Transferring less than the amount you want wouldn't be pointless at all. It would be very pointful, as you would save on interest.

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    The credit limit available on the card will be subject to your own credit score/history so they can't tell you upfront what it will be until they have run a credit check.

    Even if the credit limit is less than the full amount you want to transfer, it's still worth doing as it'll be 0% interest on it for whatever period of time you are eligible for.

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    They calculate the credit limit based on the credit check.

    So they literally cannot tell you what you'll get until you apply. You apply for a balance transfer card (Sometimes you can ask for the amount, depending on the provider) and they decide what you get.


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