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    Obtaining old Barclaycard statements tip

    I needed to look at old Barclays current accounts and Barclaycard statements from Jan 2015 thru Dec 2016 to check some tax accounts.

    No problem with the current accounts online but Barclaycard only retain the last 12 months statements online. Their help pages contain little information so I called them and they explained paper copies could be sent at a cost of 2 each, total 48.

    I told them I wasn't happy with this arrangement since my statements were originally online but each month, Barclaycard choose to remove the 13 month old statement each time a new statement comes out making it more difficult for me to look at older statements.

    I finally got them to understand what I meant and they waived the charge.

    If you need old copies of your statements, it's best to download and save them before they delete them from their servers. Or call up and try my moneysaving idea!

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    So they sent you paper statements for free?

    I think it's quite clear that you can only retrieve 13 months of statements online and you need to save them if you need them later, but good result anyway

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    A reminder that you should always save your online statements for your own archival.

    Also, if these companies do not waive the charges, it would then be cheaper to send an SAR (Subject Access Request)

    It'll cost you 10, but you can ask for ALL of your statements and everything else at the same time.

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    As there is no cost to the OP why not ask for paper statements?

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    As it has been explained numerous times on this forum an SAR will not provide you with copy statements. An SAR will provide you with all the information a company has about you, but there is no obligation for them to provide it in any specific format, so you won't get copies of your statements. Instead, you are likely to receive a very long computer print-out. All the information will be on there, but it will be up to you to wade through it to find what you're looking for.


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