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    Quick quid direct debit

    I got a loan of 50, just to pay for an emergency.
    I set up the direct debit, and there were 3 payments I needed to make.
    Quick quid took the first two payments on the dates they set.
    When the final payment was due, i got an email the next day saying my payment was late, and I was charged 15! I thought the direct debit was automatic, and the money would be taken out of my account, but it has not. Now I have to pay 70 which leaves me with nothing until next friday. Why was my money not taken out automatically?

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    If you had the funds available prior to the date then Ask them?

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    Ask QQ, Id be concerned if it were to happen next month, look at your spending and cut back.

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    I had enough money in my account to pay for it! But they still did not take it out.

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    As mentioned in a previous reply, assuming funds were available on the due date, ask QQ why they didn't take the DD and demand a refund of the 15 charge.

    Also you should take this as wake up call and look at the bigger picture. Strip all spending to the minimum, look to increase income and build up an emergency fund. You shouldn't have to resort to PDL's when you have a short term emergency. Post an SOA on the DFW board and you will receive friendly advice on how to best achieve this.


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