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    Car loan needed after Motability car taken off me

    My Motability car was taken off me last year after my DLA was changed to PIP. I appealed but was still only awarded the lower rate. I have no independence now and hardly leave my house as I can't use public transport or taxis (I won't go into details why). I have bad credit as well. I've looked at car finance companies who have approved me for credit but charge an extortionate amount of interest and also credit unions, but they want you to have saved with them before approving a loan. Benefits are my only income. Any advice? TIA

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    Difficult to get a loan on benefits (but no always the case), if you have lost your mobility payment then your benefit income has been substantially reduced. Whatever you do don't accept a loan at very high interest rates, your best bet will be a credit union but they do expect you to save with them for a few months.

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    Op I'm sorry to hear this. It is happening to a lot of people.

    Can you afford to buy a cheap car outright?

    I thought motability were giving people a grant to help when Motability cars had to go back. High priced loans are unlikely to be the answer.

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    They are giving out transitional support packages but it depends on when you first qualified for higher rate DLA. If you were a member before 31st December 2012 (or rejoined the scheme during this time after at least a one year break and return the car in good condition within 8 weeks of losing an award) you qualify for a one off 2000 payment.
    If you first became a member from 1st January 2013 until 31st December 2013 you are eligible for 1000. You will not receive any payment if you joined 2014.

    I'm sure the OP would have been notified by motability of the above when she returned the car.

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    The OP lost their motability car last year as stated in their post. The motability Transitional aupport package only came into affect in April of this year, as stated here...


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