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    Guest anyone heard of?

    Just seen appear in some loan comparisons websites however i think they started up only in October.
    Tried doing a bit of reasearch but cannot find anything about lendable.

    Anyone had any dealings good or bad

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    Well they appear to operate from a flat in Bayswater, so think what you like.

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    Thats the thing, no reviews, as there such a new company but everything ive checked, search etc seems legit, its just where they are new and starting up i guess.

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    Personally I would be wary, I know everyone has to start somewhere but a loan from a company who are a few weeks old I feel has a lot of risks.

    I wonder if they are going to ask for a fee up front? If so barge and pole come to mind.

    No harm in looking into the loan further but under no circumstances pay any money of give them any card/bank details upfront.

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    They are "supposedly" a P2P lending site, so dont expect to get a loan without a good/excellent credit history.

    I am still undecided as to whether its a bogus/scam site at the moment though.


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