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    Ignore share tips from analysts

    If you want to make money from the stock market ignore advice from analysts.
    We all know that on MSE but I thought a bit of evidence might be useful that back this up.
    It's been found that investing in stocks least favoured by analysts yielded five times more than buying the most recommended.
    Over the past 35 years those who invested in the 10% of stocks analysts were optimistic about would have earned an average annual return of 3%
    Investing in 10% of the least favoured stocks returned an average of 15% a year.

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    any evidence to back up these claims and figures?


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    Of course, see yesterdays Telegraph - Money section - page 2 for the article - written by Sophie Christie.
    The research was carried out by Bocconi University in Milan

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    Along with 'tips' from analysts, I always wonder who looks at strong buy/strong sell concensuses to make million pound trades.

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    Bit like horse racing tips - if they were any good the tipsters would keep them to themselves!


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