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    anna marrie Tar

    ii Trading Credit

    ii (ex TD Direct Investing) now charges 22.50/quarter (90/year)
    This can be used as a trading credit and it rolls over each quarter.
    My question is does it roll over into the fifth quarter if you don't use it?
    I'm debating a move to iWeb or remain with ii?

    I'm a buy and hold investor, so I could just squeeze in say 6 trades.
    So my annual cost would be 90 - 60 = 30 (90 in charges and 6x10=60 trading fees taken from the 90 trading credit)

    On iWeb 6 trades would cost 30 (6 x 5)

    Note: I've posted a few times on this subject but my logic was a bit flawed, and I'm now not going to switch on auto-reinvestment of dividends. I'm going to let this all accumulate and roll it into my annual ISA allowance. The 6 or so trades will be new money in to rebalance portfolio.

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    Trading credit will continue to rollover indefinitely, but the trading credit balance cannot exceed 90.

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    Cheers, I guess it's on their T&Cs - but I missed that point!

    Back to the drawing board (spreadsheet) to see whats best for my trading style iWeb or ii

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    Actually, I've been over thinking this one - iWeb is cheaper than ii form my buy and hold portfolio

    Regardless of the credit you get for paying 90/yr with ii - it still costs 90! and that converts to 9 trades at 10 each.

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    On iWeb 9 trades costs 45 - and 90 would buy me 18 trades.

    It's no brainer - I'm moving to iWeb!

    Ignore all my previous posts on this - they're all rubbish!


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