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    Money Saving Tips

    How do people save money? What's good meals to cook so that i don't have to go out and buy something everyday

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    Good budgeting

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    In terms of saving money, use loyalty schemes to build up points so you can claim vouchers off (like Morrisons More and Tesco Clubcard).

    You could also keep an eye on cash back sites and apps, like Topcashback, Quidco, Shopmium and Checkout Smart.

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    In terms of meals, good planning can help you save money. You could cook a very big meal, divide it into portions and then freeze the rest of later. Buying things in bulk is often cheaper than buying singularly for each dish.

    Buying frozen food (like vegetables) can sometimes be cheaper and it lasts longer. Also, don't just buy branded food. Sometimes the supermarket version can be just as nice and is less expensive too.

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    I never know what meals to cook. I just want something simple to cook but everything looks so complex and long to make


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