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    Never worked before - Help


    I am currently a second year uni student studying psychology.

    My work experience consists of only 2 weeks in a pharmacy during year 12.

    I desperately need to increase this in some way as I don't want to end up graduating and then being in the situation where you become overqualified.

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    People have told me I am doomed and have no hope in life.

    This has raised my anxiety levels massively to the point where I haven't even eaten properly for the past few days worrying if I will ever be employed. Is this irrational?

    I have been looking for part time work but I know the economy is bad so I am prepared to hand in as many CVs as possible.

    Any advice in what to do?

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    In a lot of respects unpaid summer intern positions appear to be a better addition to a CV than say supermarket work, I suspect in an ideal world having both would be preferable, they each demonstrate different facets employers may wish to see.

    My son did not do that much paid work through university (though he did do some, plus clubs/societies/held positions at university) but did relevant placements unpaid across two summers (Computer Science) and this seems to have been the deciding factor when obtaining employment after graduation.

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    My daughter worked over all holidays in shops etc and is now (having graduated this summer) finding that this has not, to date, opened that many doors, still early days and she is not yet that sure what she wants to do anyway.

    However she did Geosciences so cannot read too much into lack of progress re creating a career as different subject areas will have different outcomes anyway.

    Can you get some reasonably relevant summer intern position?

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    I think I will ask at the careers office on how to get an internship position as I know they are competitive.

    I will still try to get part time work just to show I have done a job and if I don't get a graduate job at least I will have something to fall back on.

    May I ask how your son got onto one?

    Thanks for the reply btw


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