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Thread: AI, Robotics...

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    AI, Robotics...

    I'm considering investing around 10000 in Artificial Intelligence / Robotics funds with a long term view. I've marked five Funds that look interesting to me: Smith & Williamson, Allianz, Pictet, Axa Framlington, Polar... Although there's some duplication in one or two of the top ten holdings, given the speculative nature of this early stage market I'm wondering whether to spread across all five or is this overkill? Should I stick to just a couple?

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    My instincts are that the best funds for AI will be: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu,

    Because these companies will keep buying up the best start-ups, and established firms, and fit them into their own infrastructures, guaranteeing success and mass-adoption

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    Agree, and that's why SMT is my largest holding.

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    I agree that the larger players will reap big rewards, but I also wanted direct exposure so bought an ETF (RBTX) which offers a good spread of holdings (131) and regions.

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    I bought in direct to this theme mid 2017 using ROBG..... TER is higher at 0.80% than RBOT, but no complaints so far, just have to keep an eye on cable that nothing dramatic happens!


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