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    Saving or ivesting

    I am about to retire with a lump sum. after allowing for new car, home improvements cash flow and emergency fund. Any advice on where to save or invest 40K please?

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    I'm assuming your lump sum is from a pension? Do you have any flexibility on the amount of lump sum you receive? For example can you take out less?

    If you have no flexibility on the amount of lump sum you receive then it will depend on what you would like to do with the 40k in the future. Once you have decided this you will know how long you are saving/investing for and what sort of return you need. This can then help decide whether saving into a cash account or investing is right for you.

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    It depends on the time when you think you will need this money and your attitude to risk, (both inflation risk if you go the savings route, or investment risk). If you will need the money in the short term then probably better to go for the best savings account you can find, or nsi / premium bonds? If longer term then probably S&S ISAs..

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    I can safely invest for 5 years


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