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    Gambling husband - mortgage application


    I am just at the stage where I can afford to buy a house with my husband.

    We have a 60,000 deposit after saving up for 3 years. A lot of the money has come from our wedding, some inheritance money, and from my own savings, as I earn quite a bit more than him.

    He works in a restaurant so a fair amount of his salary comes from tips, so may not even appear on his payslips. We've often had issues with money because sometimes it seems like his money is disappearing somewhere. Then in November, he suddenly told me he had won 6,000 gambling. He promised never to do it again.

    We had recently opened a joint account and put some of our savings in there (only around 3,000). I check my accounts quite regularly, and in December noticed that 300 had gone missing from the joint account (100, then 50, then 150). It transpired he had been gambling again. I immediately took the remaining money out of the account.

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    On a detailed review of his own bank statements, I have now discovered that since January 2017 at least, he has been making 100s cash withdrawals every month. In November, when he had the big win, he had spent around 3,000 in total, with 10,000 gains. In December he had again spent 100s.

    I'm deeply disappointed and hurt about all of this. He has been endlessly lying to me and hiding things, and I'm concerned that he will keep doing it.

    Asides from the emotional side to this issue, as well as the knowledge that he can't seem to stop, how is this going to affect my mortgage application, and is there a way to clear it? I've read that 3 - 6 month clean bank statements would do, is that true? Would a mortgage application be rejected at present? Should I even discuss any of this with a mortgage broker or keep quiet?

    Really stressed about all this and would appreciate any advice.

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    Not trying to judge, but shouldn't the first question be if it is right to look to buy a property just now whilst your husband is dealing with a gambling addiction?

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    Maybe look to get him help from a gambling charity to work on that so that you can go into the purchase of your new home with a hopefully clean slate? You don't want anything to put your home at risk once you move in.

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    I understand your point and agree with you. I just want to know if the application would automatically be rejected now, and if so, how long it would take to be in the clear? Do you have any advice on that?


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